SINCE 1906

Activity: assets management

President & Gérant : Claude Prylli

Gen. Manager : Ishango Consulting

and its subsidiaries


Activity: real estates for pros

Cogérant : Ishango Consulting


Activity: real estates for individuals

Cogérant : Ishango Consulting

2B rue tête d'or - 69006 LYON

PRYLLI Groupe was formely a fabrics factory. In 1994, the company sold its fabrics activity and refocused on assets management and real estates.

In 1930, 80% of worldwide voilette of these hats
came from the Maison PRYLLI


1929 world crisis

Following the financial crisis of 1929, in 1932 all American buyers failed to honor their payments. Henry Claude Prylli was a gentleman. He sold all his assets to pay his suppliers to avoid them going in a process of cascade bankruptcies, because at that time, H.C PRYLLI & Cie was the biggest silk buyer in France. The company sold 50% of its looms and as a result reduced significantly in size.


the factory in '80s

The company drops to 1/5th of its original size. Meanwhile, the use of voilette in hats decreased a lot during the 10 years of deep crisis worldwide. Since that time, the company ended its golden period but remained a solid medium size fabrics company in France until 1994. Though, it has always kept its position as a worldwide leading manufacturer of voitette.

End of fabrics & rebirth

In the '90s the European Union failed to protect its fabrics industry by putting tariffs on Chinese fabrics, so as a visionary person, Claude Prylli decided it was time to sell the fabrics business as nobody could resist the dumping from China. He was lucid enough to stop a historical activity started in 1823 by his grand-grandfather Numa Prylli.


1994 - Rebirth & expansion

The company sold its fabrics activities and became a holding company. It created two subsidiaries, SCI Concorde and SCI Rolling with assets in real estate. The SCI Concorde rent real estate for shops whereas SCI Rolling rent real estate for private individuals. The company has very solid assets, no debts, and has increased its income compared to the fabrics time. To honor the memory of the family we kept the word "Fabrique" in the company name.